Frank Murphy

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359 Seventh Ave.,
San Francisco, CA

Seeking a leadership role in a passionate software engineering team developing compelling, innovative products

  • Strong management and leadership of technical teams with Agile (Scrum and Kanban) and traditional waterfall methodology
  • Proven recruitment of talented new team members
  • Effective evaluations of team members used to identify areas of improvement for the individual, followed up with regular mentoring
  • Successfully and succinctly run meetings that are useful to all participants
  • Strong communication skills
  • Identifying and communicating QA metrics to the team and to management
  • Well-versed in all phases of the software design process, from design to coding and code review through testing to production deployment
  • Adept with a variety of development tools including git, Mercurial, Jira, Bugzilla, Asana, ScrumNinja and others
  • Highly proficient with C, perl, make, and shell scripting
  • Familiar with Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, C++, Java and ruby
  • Experience with major operating systems including Mac OS X, Windows, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux and UNIX

Rdio (aquired by Pandora) Sr. QA Manager - San Francisco, CA - 2013 – present

Senior QA Manager at an international music streaming company developing software and managing the software development process for the engineering and product teams.

  • Built a team of software automation engineers in a dynamic QA team using Kanban
  • Initiated the recruitment and growth of the QA team
  • Created all Test Cases for automated web testing and various manual campaigns
  • Built and executed tools to evaluate subjective quality of lean-back stations
  • Technical direction for test automation and integration with Selenium and Jenkins
  • High-level communication with product team

Technologies: Perl, python and ruby languages; Selenium; Jenkins; git; Phabricator; Asana

Rhapsody International QA Manager - San Francisco, CA - 2011 – 2013

Technical QA Manager for a multinational music streaming company developing software and managing the software development process for the Music Content Platform group.

  • Managing a team of testers and software automation engineers in an Agile QA team
  • Led the recruitment and growth of the QA team
  • Reviewed Test Plans and Test Cases, ensuring quality standards across the team
  • Performed code reviews
  • Led bug reviews among managing directors and program managers
  • Semi-monthly reviews with direct reports
  • Technical direction for test automation and integration test framework using perl, ruby and Selenium
  • Cross-functional communication with remote teams in Seattle
  • Hands-on testing bug reporting and fix validation

Technologies: Perl and ruby languages; Selenium; Mercurial and CVS change control software; Linux

EFBA Co-founder and Board Member - San Francisco, CA - 2009 – 2012

Co-founded EFBA (Education Française Bay Area), a non-profit organization to bring high-quality, affordable French language education to elementary schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a part of a working board, we started from scratch 11 sites in and around San Francisco. For the 2011-2012 school year, EFBA had 15 sites and over 500 students.

  • Defined the mission and bylaws of the organization as part of the board of directors
  • Met regularly as part of the board to define our strategy
  • Worked with the San Francisco Unified School District to identify steps to create a French program
  • Evaluated and approved the budget for the organization
  • Defined roles and tasks around creating school sites and educational curriculum
  • Evaluated potential expansion sites before expanding in 2011

Open TV Senior QA Engineer - San Francisco, CA - 2008 – 2011

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer for a multinational digital television company developing middleware for cable and satellite television set-top boxes.

  • Led test planning, definition, and execution for embedded video and audio products
  • Developed embedded test applications
  • Directed work with offshore QA teams in China to maximize group productivity
  • Collaborate with Product Management and R&D to ensure timely delivery and to define test scope
  • Defect reporting and fix validation

Technologies: C and make languages; Perforce change control software; Linux

NagraVision QA Engineer - Lausanne, Switzerland - 2003 – 2008

Performance and Integration Quality Assurance Engineer for a multinational digital television company developing conditional access software.

  • Test planning, definition, and execution
  • Define test scope with input from software development teams
  • Defect reporting and fix validation
  • Designed and developed automatic test suite in perl
  • Mentoring junior QA Engineers in test process and technical aspects
  • Developed utilities to manage, collect, and visualize system performance

Technologies: perl, Oracle SQL, and ksh languages; Subversion change control software; AIX and Tru64 UNIX

Credit Suisse Engineer - Zürich, Switzerland - 2001 – 2002

Lead technical developer in a Software Configuration Management team writing middleware to connect a CVS developer source repository, a PVCS Dimensions software distribution repository, and a Tivoli software deployment system. This software allows project leaders to control deployment of new versions of software, while archiving old versions of the software so they may be quickly re-deployed in case of a software defect.

  • Cross-department project implementation planning
  • Writing and testing programs in perl and ksh to implement the required business logic
  • Writing and testing Java servlets to implement the web-based GUI
  • Integration testing the interfaces to the other projects
  • Mentoring junior team members in implementing specific subsystems

Technologies: perl, Java, SQL, ksh, and C languages; CVS and PVCS Dimensions change control software; Tivoli Software Distribution; Solaris and AIX OS

Bookface Engineering Manager - San Francisco, CA - 2000

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer at small startup developing secure internet DRM software.

  • Writing the Software QA plan and implementing it in Java
  • Defect reporting and test execution for 1.0 and subsequent versions
  • Managing the revision control system for source code, HTML, and company operations documents

Technologies: Java, C++, and perl; CVS change control; Insure++ software profiling; Linux

Brightmail QA Engineer - San Francisco, CA - 1998 – 1999

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer at a startup developing an email filtering system.

  • Responsible for all QA planning and testing, as well as hiring and training the QA team
  • Design and execution of the acceptance test suite for the initial release of Brightmail’s email filter
  • Managing the group to design and execute product-wide acceptance tests for outsourced porting work
  • Participation in all phases of the software development cycle including design reviews & code reviews
  • Defined Brightmail’s product release cycle, then hired and trained a Build Engineer

Technologies: C and perl languages; CVS change control; GNATS bug database; Linux and Solaris

T.E.N. (now Server QA - San Francisco, CA - 1996 – 1998

Quality Assurance Engineer for Total Entertainment Network, an internet startup company providing a nationwide networked hosting service for multiplayer computer games.

  • Design and execution of the test plan for TEN’s multi-threaded, server and accompanying Sybase/SQL database for recording and reporting user skill ratings and Sybase/SQL based user billing system
  • Development of the Java prototype for an automated test harness for TEN’s skill rating system. Populated this test harness with individual test cases
  • Modification of third party test tools to drive TEN’s Solaris based backend user tracking software
  • Reporting and tracking of defects, plus verification of fixes in TEN’s Solaris based server applications and Windows 95 based client applications, as well as the proprietary load balancing DNS

Technologies: C, SQL, Java, internal test tools; ClearCase change control; Solaris and Windows

Tandem Computers Software Designer - Cupertino, CA - 1995 – 1996

Quality Assurance Engineer for a highly fault-tolerant UNIX operating system.

  • Design of the test plan and test design specifications for OS level file caching
  • Development of automated test suite for file caching in C
  • Execution and analysis of NIST’s third party automated test suite for POSIX compliance
  • Design and implementation test cases for Tandem’s extensions to the POSIX standard UNIX C APIs
  • Reporting and tracking of defects in OSS and verified fixes to these defects

Technologies: C and shell scripting languages; Internal source control tools; Solaris and Tandem OS


Bachelor of Science – Computer Science, University of California at Davis - 1995
Principles of QA, Swiss Association for Quality - 2005
French Language Certificate: Diplôme de Langue avec mention - 2007


Kudelski/OpenTV Innovation Prize Winner (for “Differentiated Audio”) - 2010


English: mother tongue
French: professional working proficiency (CEFR B2)